15 jan

Recipe of the month January “protein-rich power pitas”

Tasty, healthy and protein-rich spinach and cheese sandwiches. Easy to prepare and practical to take with you: ideal for a meal prep. Wrap some silver foil around them and take them to work, school or after your sports workout and enjoy anytime!

Ingredients for 1 sandwich (portion):

½ (45 grams) avocado
½ (25 grams) onion (or chopped ready-made)
100 grams of chicken fillet
20 grams of grated cheese (30+)
1 clove of garlic
150 grams of fresh spinach (frozen is also possible)
Pepper and salt
1 (small) pita bread (45 grams)

preparation method:

Cut the avocado into 4 pieces (or squeeze it if it is soft enough), cut ¼ onion into fine pieces, cut or cut the chicken into pieces, weigh the grated 30+ cheese and squeeze the clove of garlic.
Put the chicken in the pan, meanwhile mix the spinach and avocado in a container with a hand blender. Always add a handful of spinach and keep mixing until it is a fine mix.
Fry the chicken until golden brown, add the onion, fry for a few minutes and add (a little) salt and pepper to taste.
Finally add the garlic and cheese. The cheese holds it all together
Drizzle some water over the pita rolls and put them in a toaster or briefly in the oven.
Cut the pitas open halfway and put the spinach with chicken mix from the pan into the pitas.
Enjoy it!

NOTE! To make it easy to log this dish in your Body Style food diary, we have also included this recipe in the food app under “my meals” and recipe name “protein-rich power pita RWIJK GYM”

nutritional value (1 pita sandwich):
Calories: 464 kcal
Carbohydrates: 26.6 grams = 23 EN%
Fat: 17.9 grams = 35 EN%
Protein: 46.3 grams = 40 EN%

Source: www.bell-coaching.com

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