18 sep
Robert Havelaar

My name is Eva and I am a graphic designer by profession. From an early age I have been creative and have been drawing and portraits every week. When it was time to study, after a number of wrong study choices, I decided to do something with that creativity. The best choice ever! My hobby is now my work, I don’t think you could have it better.

This year I passed the graphic design study at the graphic lyceum in Utrecht and now I have had my company EVALUTION for almost a year now. EVALUTION is a graphic design agency in Gorinchem. Actually, I rolled into entrepreneurship a bit, already during my studies, and this has grown so much that I can now make a living from it. I love working for myself!

I prefer to work 24/7, so my laptop goes everywhere with me. Not always smart, but that’s what you get if you love your job! Sometimes it is good to leave the laptop at home for a while and find some relaxation. Then I prefer to take a long walk, go out drawing an evening or visit my friends for a nice evening on the terrace.

I myself pay close attention to my diet and a healthy lifestyle, such as sufficient exercise. I really notice the effects of this. In periods that I sometimes pay less attention to it, I immediately feel less good about myself. Movement is also very important for the creative brain, a round of walking or running can sometimes provide completely new ideas and inspiration! HealthCoachPlus is therefore a company that I agree with. We have been working together for a number of months, which has been going well so far. Nice communication with Robert and nice assignments from HealthCoachPlus.

When HealthCoachPlus had to close its doors due to corona, we only worked together for a short time. During this period we had the challenge together to convey online as well as possible what HealthCoachPlus could offer at this time. A hectic time, but with good results!

If you are curious about what I make, you can always take a look at www.eva-lution.nl!

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