10 sep
Robert Havelaar

Nowadays round buttocks are hip. On social media, TV and in magazines, you see women with beautiful round, tight buttocks everywhere. Often accompanied by lyrics such as oh she squats. Women, but also men of course, would get those nice, round buttocks by squatting. Is this exercise also the most suitable?

Before we get into that, it is good to know that all those ladies (and gentlemen) in those beautiful, perfect pictures, are usually helped by something we call photoshop and are blessed with good genes. The shape of our buttocks and the ability to make them rounder is largely genetic. Just like that goes for a tight stomach with a six pack. This does not mean that you cannot change it.

Sitting too much
In addition to the aesthetic picture, it is also important for our daily life to have strong buttocks. Nowadays we sit on our buttocks more than we make them work. Strong buttocks provide powerful, stable hips, which in turn contribute to, among other things, reducing and preventing back or knee complaints. Strong glutes also contribute to, for example, a more efficient running pattern in runners.

Butt training
How do we best train those buttocks? Although it is widely said that the squat provides a round butt, this is not the most efficient exercise for the buttocks. The squat is an exercise that is primarily knee-dominant. This means that the movement mainly comes from the knees. For this you use the muscles on the front of the thighs most. What are good exercises for the glutes? Exercises that you start from your hip (hip dominant) and where you have to stretch your hips against resistance are the ultimate
exercises for that strong and round buttocks.

Exercises like:
* deadlift
* hipbridge
* hipthruster
* (cable) pull-through
* kettlebell swings
are extremely suitable for training the buttocks. These exercises, with many variants, can of course also be found in the exercise list on your portal.

Do you want a nicer, rounder or just stronger butt? Then plan a selection (1 to 3) of the above exercises in your training schedule 2 to 3 times a week. Do 2 to 4 sets of these exercises.
* Make sure to challenge yourself during these sets, which means training to muscle failure. Muscle failure is the point during a set where you are no longer able to independently perform the exercise completely and correctly.

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