Minder alcohol drinken voor een fitter leven
08 sep
Robert Havelaar

A beer or wine is often self-evident on social occasions, but alcohol consumption has quite a few negative sides. If you want to feel as fit, energized and healthy as possible, it is worth taking a closer look at your alcohol consumption.

Physical health

You often hear the argument that red wine is good for you. This is mainly due to the idea that the antioxidants present in wine have positive effects on your health. However, a recent comprehensive study contradicts this health effect. It is best to drink little or not at all (1 to 2 glasses per week) (maximum 100 grams of alcohol per week). This gives you the smallest chance of diseases and you stay healthy the longest.

You have more energy

After a drink or a night out, that well-known morning always comes: you are not productive and have little energy. Is this also the case with you? Does your week actually only have six days? By stopping drinking, all days of the week suddenly count again: getting up on time, full of energy and ready to be active. This also allows you to train more often and more effectively.

Do you like to look a little deeper into your glass, but do you want to limit the negative effects on sports or your productivity? One option is to ‘plan’ your hangover, making sure you don’t have to train or work the next day. Then your training or work does not have to suffer so much!

You sleep better

You may seem to sleep better after a drink, but the quality of your sleep is really less. Although science has not yet unraveled everything about sleep, research seems to indicate that you wake up less rested. You may recognize this feeling; after an alcohol-rich evening you fall asleep like a log, but you sleep restlessly or you wake up much too early when you would rather have slept in to ease the hangover. A shame, because a good night’s sleep is important for your recovery.

You save money

Are you saving for a new pair of shoes or would you like a midweek trip to Spain? During a night out, a lot of money can pass unnoticed. A glass of wine can easily cost € 4.00 to € 6.00 per glass, and you can easily spend at least € 100 per month on alcohol. You will probably save a considerable amount if you leave alcohol alone. You can spend this nicely on other fun things, or a Personal Trainer 😉

It’s just as cozy without alcohol

The biggest obstacle for many is the fear that an evening with friends is no longer fun. During the day and during work, people can have a blast with each other without a glass of wine, so why shouldn’t that be possible in the evening? A little faith in your own company works wonders.
A tip is not to constantly talk about your new challenge. It helps if you focus your attention on other things. Perhaps an alcohol-free beer will help you forget about your experiment. Today’s non-alcoholic beers are very tasty.

Write down your alcohol consumption for the next two weeks and then halve this number the 4 weeks afterwards. Before you know it, you are already partly used to a new habit! Good luck.

Ps. For some extra motivation, you can already think about what you will do with the money saved!

Do you find it difficult to drink less alcohol? On this website you will find more information and tips; https://minderdrinken.nl/

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