15 dec

This simple breakfast looks super cozy and tasty and makes it a party to start the day with. In addition to consuming the recipe for breakfast, it can also be enjoyed as a dessert, or a snack after a workout!

Ingredients for 1 portion:
– 1 large banana (165 gr)
– 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese
– 100 grams of strawberries (or other fruit)
– 10 grams of oatmeal
– (optional a little honey or dark chocolate)

Preparation method:
1. Cut the banana in half vertically so that you have 2 long pieces of banana
2. Place the banana on a plate and divide the quark over the banana
Top it off with the strawberries (or other fruit) and the oatmeal
4. Eat tasty and enjoy 🙂

nutritional value (per serving):
Calories: 276 kcal
Carbohydrates: 49 gr = 71 EN%
Fat: 2 gr = 7 EN%
Protein: 12 gr = 17 EN%

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