08 jan

Our trainers are continuously trained. We have also become skilled in the professional guidance of pregnant women, in which exercise is central.

We get to know themselves very well with all the changes that are to come.

What physical and mental changes can they expect? We answer questions they have. Explain what has been scientifically proven about ‘pregnancy and exercise’. In short: in our guidance we first discuss all the facts, so that you will get a good basis to better understand the further pregnancy and to be able to get started in a responsible way with this beautiful and special period in your life!

What can you expect? We use the best training methods for the target group: Pregnant.

The guidance in this beautiful period requires a training specific approach. We teach you how best to exercise as pregnant women. We will also teach you how to prevent the most common complaints during this period and what to take into account. If you do get complaints, we will teach you how to exercise / train for which complaints. In our guidance you will learn from us to be safe and responsible, but also to train / exercise in a fun way during your pregnancy. You also learn preventive training methods to prevent common complaints as much as possible and the topics of mental coaching and relaxation are also discussed.

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