If you want more personal guidance, Small Group Training might be something for you!

What is a Personal Small Group training?

Small group training is sports in a small group of 4 people. In an efficient and fun way you work with your personal trainer on your fitness, strength to become stronger and fitter. In addition, the trainer will also give you lifestyle and nutritional advice. For this we use ultramodern Lijfstijl software so that in addition to the training you also know what you can and must do if you want to achieve the set goal at all times. In the small group training sessions all muscle groups are trained which ensures that every training is a full body workout with which you will achieve absolute results.

Small Group Training for men and women

Our small group training courses are tailor-made and are therefore suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced athletes, for men and women and for all ages. Because the group is small, you are always guaranteed a lot of personal attention, tailored to your needs and goals.

What do you do in a Small Group Training?

Small group training can be given both outside and inside at RWIJK GYM. Now in this day and age extra nice because you are guaranteed to be able to continue training, and entirely in accordance with all guidelines from the government and RIVM. For our outdoor gym we have many materials at our disposal and we also make use of what the environment has to offer. This means not just running and jumping, but a lot of variety; the training forms (strength / flexibility / explosiveness / agility etc.) is different every time. Small group training is also possible with us. The training sessions are then given in our personal gym. You will also train all muscles during these training sessions and we also provide a full body workout.

Benefits of Small Group Training

With small group training you experience the benefits of training with a personal trainer (personal and professional guidance), the fun of training in a group, and the costs for 1 hour of training are low! Moreover, group training at a fixed time is a good incentive. Have you become enthusiastic, and have you also made 3 others enthusiastic, or do you want more information? Contact us today by filling out the form below!

Why would you choose for RWIJK GYM?

  • Customers rate us on average with a 9.3
  • 100% result guarantee ALWAYS! Appointment = Appointment
  • Best Personal Trainers & Lifestyle Coaches in Haaglanden region
  • 1 in 4 Personal Training and Coaching
  • FREE LISTILE app with personal nutrition advice

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    • Duration 60-90 min
    • Students max. 4 people
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