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  • Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Rick Kouwenberg

Who is Rick Kouwenberg?

My name is Rick Kouwenberg (23). I would describe myself as social, empathetic, goal oriented, reliable and honest. I’ve always been active in sports, I already have a nice list of sports practiced, but eventually ended up in the fitness industry. Through the fitness industry I have been able to strive more for vitality and I would like to share this with the rest. I enjoy being in contact with people and the energy that people give when practicing a sport motivates me to go even harder for it! I also like to chat about life and get to know someone better. So always feel free to contact me!


I am currently completing the nutrition and dietetics training. My expertise is therefore the application of nutrition in life. I am also an expert in fitness. I myself have been active for 8 years in practicing strength sports and achieving a fit physical and mental state based on sport. I also work as a fitness instructor. In this I have seen that being in contact with people and the pleasure that people experience creates a positive atmosphere. That is why I want to contribute even more to the development of others based on nutrition, training and mental plane.

Personal experience

Sport and exercise have helped me a lot as a person. As a shy and insecure person, I started my sports career with a purpose. I always wanted to have the perfect body. During exercise, getting stronger and body changes made me feel more and more in my skin and could get more out of life. Then I found out that not only did the change in appearance make me feel good, but actually excercizing has given me so much energy that it has become an addiction. Once it has become a habit, I have experienced for myself that the feeling of being fit and energetic can help you enormously in the total development of yourself.

I’m going to help you!

That’s why I can help you! I fully support the idea that a healthy lifestyle can positively change your life. I am here to make sure that you not only achieve short-term goals, but that you can really develop. Keep thinking positively and go for it, no matter how hard it gets! I remain rational and can speak from experience that everyone can achieve their goals and I am happy to support that!