06 Jun

My name is Chafik Adarraz and I live in Rijswijk with my wife and beautiful son. I have been involved in sports all my life. It was therefore not surprising that I went to study Sport and Exercise. With various Personal Training courses and many jobs in various gyms, I have gained a lot of [...]

26 Apr

Hi, my name is Ezgi. I am 28 years young and I live in Leiderdorp. Very early on I found out that sports interested me and of course still. I completed the sports & exercise training at secondary school and I have been crazy about everything that has to do with sports and nutrition ever [...]

robert havelaar
29 Mar

For Robert Havelaar personal guidance is the factor for results and success, and this is where his passion lies. He has always been involved in sports and in 2004 turned his hobby into a profession. Robert helps you make the right choices and improve your lifestyle. This way you not only achieve the desired result,…

maarten boek
10 Mar

Maarten is driven by healthy sport. This means that he is concerned with your development in the field of sports recovery, fitness building and injury treatment. About Maarten “All my life my daily routine has been interspersed with sports and sports related aspects. After secondary school I followed the Sport & Exercise course, because the…

21 Dec

Hi my name is Rick Kouwenberg Who is Rick Kouwenberg? My name is Rick Kouwenberg (23). I would describe myself as social, empathetic, goal oriented, reliable and honest. I've always been active in sports, I already have a nice list of sports practiced, but eventually ended up in the fitness industry. Through the fitness industry [...]

01 Oct

Person I am Vishant 32 years old and I live in Zoetermeer. Since childhood I have always done a lot of sports. Started playing football at a regional level and later in life I became acquainted with fitness and boxing. I liked that so much that I started to delve into it and followed a…

Sherwin Tewari
09 Jun

Hi, my name is Sherwin Tewari. If you asked me earlier what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wouldn't have thought I would be working in the sports world. In my student days I followed the Media & Entertainment Management course and did an internship for six months at the television program [...]

21 Mar

Do you want to go out with more energy than you entered with? Then you’ve come to the right place at Bas. About Bas “I am Bas, born in Nijmegen and moved to the Randstad during my student days. I now live there with my wife and 2 daughters in Leiderdorp. In my spare time…