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  • Personal Trainer

Do you want to go out with more energy than you entered with? Then you’ve come to the right place at Bas.

About Bas

“I am Bas, born in Nijmegen and moved to the Randstad during my student days. I now live there with my wife and 2 daughters in Leiderdorp. In my spare time I like to be outside. I also like to cook and I like to watch a movie or series.

I used to always play korfball myself and during the holidays we went hiking and climbing in the mountains every year. The passion for the mountains has remained with Austria as the favorite active holiday destination in the summer. I exchanged korfball for cycling, because that is a bit easier to combine with my busy life. ”

Personal attention is what it’s all about

Sitting still has always been a challenge for me. It was soon established that I was going to do something with exercise. During my physiotherapy study I had a part-time job in a gym, and eventually ended up in the fitness world.
After having held various positions at SportCity for years, I started looking for a new challenge in 2010. Through various training courses, I have increasingly specialized in 1-on-1 coaching and training. Personal attention is what it’s all about. My goal is to let you leave the house with more energy after every training than you entered with!

Over the years, Bas followed several courses. This makes him specialized in:

Lifestyle / vitality coaching
Exercise before, during and after pregnancy
Condition and strength training