An internship at the Personal Gym of RWIJK GYM

Every year we guide several interns with their work experience internships and graduation internships. These can be trainees from the Sport & Exercise / CIOS / Nutrition and Dietetics courses, and other courses from the sports and food industry. Work experience placements take place in the second or third year of a study program and usually take up the entire year. This internship is about the interns making “flying hours” in the profession for which they are studying. During graduation internships, the student independently carries out one or more assignments or conducts research at our organization. It is the intention that the student shows what they have learned during their studies and can apply this in the professional field.

At RWIJK GYM, an intern is given the opportunity to apply their acquired theoretical knowledge in the field of personal guidance / coaching and lifestyle advice in combination with sports. This unique opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in the real work field is an added value for everyone’s studies and later career!

What can you expect from our internship supervisors:

We are patient and you take the time for you as an intern
We work systematically and methodically
We treat you as a person and your data confidentially
We make clear agreements so that you know what is expected of you
We your feedback and are open to receive it ourselves
You have the freedom to independently plan your assignments and their implementation
We have professional expertise and are aware of the latest scientific insights
We have over 20 years of practical experience in our field
We take into account the personal learning style of each intern

What do we expect from our interns:

Get to know our company and work through our training protocol
You can familiarize yourself with the software we use after the training period
You can work independently, take the initiative and ask for help if you need it
You can handle the freedom we offer our interns well
You are efficient, accurate and result-oriented
You are a go-getter and do not give up at the first setback
You are punctual
Fulfills the agreed agreements and adheres to the set time schedule for this
You can deal with flexibility without becoming lax
You want to learn and are open to feedback
You can work in a team and communicate clearly
Experiences of stagiaries

Britt van der Leest


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