maarten boek


  • Manager and Personal Trainer

Maarten is driven by healthy sport. This means that he is concerned with your development in the field of sports recovery, fitness building and injury treatment.

About Maarten

“All my life my daily routine has been interspersed with sports and sports related aspects. After secondary school I followed the Sport & Exercise course, because the study was an excellent match for my sporting ambitions. Immediately after completing my studies, I came into contact with several fitness schools. That’s how I started working at SportCity. Within a few years I was offered the opportunity to become a sports manager at the Rijswijk branch. As a result, I developed in the field of management, organization, coaching and learned a lot about leadership.
I have always been able to play football at a semi-professional level in the Randstad. Through contact with athletes outside of fitness, I developed an interest to learn more about sports recovery, fitness building and injury treatment. With the professional experience and new knowledge I got where I am now. I have also turned my passion into my profession. At RWIJK GYM I am therefore available for individual coaching in this area. ”