02 Sep
Robert Havelaar

Advantages of training by appointment
Everyone worked out with us before the corona outbreak by appointment because we are not a massive gym where everyone can blow in when they want.
Members train with us by appointment because in this way we can offer them quality in the necessary guidance and training. Making an appointment to exercise also works very well in the actual implementation.
At regular gyms, there are many members who do not use their subscription but pay for it monthly.
With us this does not happen and we chase our members (in a nice and appropriate way) if we have not seen them for more than 2 weeks.

Protocols for security
This working method ensures that members who are members of us make progress and achieve set goals. The 1.5 m (and often more) is already fully established with us, together with the extra cleaning of the materials used. Each time one registers for an activity, the member must complete a short questionnaire (RIVM Triage questionnaire) in which they indicate that they are free of complaints, and if they answer ‘yes’ to 1 of the questions, they cannot participate in the training.

Exercising outside remains in the spotlight
Despite the fact that it became possible to train indoors again since July, we decided not to do this yet. We did not think it was justified yet and there was still a lot of uncertainty and we received a lot of positive reactions from our members about training outside, and yes, even when it rained we only made an exception in a few 1 – 1 training sessions with a max. of 2 members simultaneously on 150 m2 which is our Personal Gym.

But also with these members, training was / is mainly outside instead of inside. This is possible because we have 900 m2 of parking deck behind our Gym. This was one of my wishes when I started my Personal Gym in 2017, a location where people could also train outside. Great to train outside with nice summer weather with all the extra health benefits of exercising in the open air.

Train safely indoors. Extra measures
However, we are already busy behind the scenes for the coming colder season. We want to do everything we can to ensure that our members can continue to train safely indoors (when it will no longer be possible to exercise outside due to the weather). For this we are busy installing a ventilation system for our Personal Gym. With this extra measure, we want to have done everything we can to leave nothing to chance with our sports. Exhaled air is quickly removed and refreshed by clean air. We do this extra and, according to the current guidelines of the RIVM and the national government, it is not necessarily mandatory for a location and with our working method.

Nevertheless, HealthCoachPlus chooses to do everything it can to make it as safe as possible and to invest in it. The health and safety of our members are our top priority!

Robert Havelaar

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