21 Mar
Robert Havelaar

“Taking good care of yourself is something I also give to my customers. Practice what you preach is my moto. That is why I am happy that I started exercising at RWIJK GYM in 2020 (professional guidance, a lot of attention to attitude, lifestyle and nutrition).

Since June I have had personal training twice a week on Monday and Friday mornings with Robert Havelaar and Maarten Boek. Looking back now, this is one of my better choices that I made in 2020. Taking good care of my body is important, especially in Corona time. Besides the professionalism of both trainers, I am also impressed by Robert’s entrepreneurship in these times. He has worked hard over the past year to expand and modernize his indoor and outdoor gym. Come and have a look for yourself to see how beautiful it has become. I can recommend RWIJK GYM to anyone who wants to work safely corona proof on their fitness and health by exercising at this time.

I notice that I now take better care of myself in several areas. As a result, I now feel much fitter physically and mentally. My personal training is now sacred, and I miss it when I can’t do it. ”

Karin Groenenboom
Owner of the Inspiration Tree | Reintegration & life coach

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