21 Sep
Robert Havelaar

Usually outside, panting jumping between car tires, sprinting and lifting weights is not an attractive exercise plan you would say. But nothing is less true. There is an upward trend in the number of participants for boot camps. How did that happen?

A group outing.

Just a bit different, than finishing the tune in the fitness center. It really feels like an outing experience. You are on an adventure with a small group. Sometimes the exact destination and content is even kept secret by the trainer. Destinations range from the city park to open locations in the mall. You’re out for a while.

You have achieved something! A mental boost.

A boot camp is also a bit of an adventure. What exactly does the course look like today. What challenges are there. I am not going to be able to stay behind. A completed boot camp gives mental satisfaction. There has been a real achievement. You are proud of yourself.

Game element and vitamin D.

Perhaps memories of our school days in the gym will come back. At least once a year, the gymnastics teacher took the trouble to completely convert the gym into a jungle of equipment. All this to put “monkey cage” into practice. Boisterous, enthusiastic and moving with pleasure, with a game element. Bootcamp reminds us a bit of that. And then outside, with enough oxygen and a vitamin D boost from sunlight.

Everything is trained.

Boot camping often involves a natural form of exercise. Every muscle in your body participates. Everything revolves around fitness, strength, explosiveness and flexibility and that until you can no longer do it. Awesome. Most boot campers cannot wait for the next session. It’s addictive.

Cornona Boost.

Outdoor exercise is healthy. That is beyond dispute. In this corona time, boot camp also has no discussion about whether or not to ventilate sufficiently. Your body craves oxygen when you walk up that slope and that oxygen is abundantly available. People who may still be concerned about indoor training are now also discovering bootcamping. Corona will undoubtedly have boosted the demand for boot camps.

Bootcamping, something for you?

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