Fitness en Personal Training voor expats in Rijswijk
15 jul
Robert Havelaar

Working abroad

When you move to another country, it can be difficult to find your way there at first. Fortunately there are always people and companies who can help you with this, such as; finding suitable accommodation, school for your children, and other everyday things. This also applies to finding a suitable sports club or association for yourself or your other family members. When it comes to finding a suitable place where you can work on your health and physical condition, there is nothing besides the regular gym / gym except the internet where you can get help / advice here. That’s what this blog is about.

Working on your resistance

It is very important (now more perhaps even more than ever after the COVID-19 outbreak) that you also continue to invest in your health and your physical fitness. Especially when you are about to start a new adventure where more is expected of you, you want to be in the best possible condition to excel. And who just doesn’t want to look good and be satisfied with themselves ?!

RWIJK GYM the Personal Gym

RWIJK GYM in Rijswijk is a Personal Gym (indoor and outdoor) where we help our members improve their lifestyle – health, physical condition and body toning. We do this on a small scale and in a very personal way. This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions for everyone by looking at personal wishes – possibilities and making a suitable sport / lifestyle program. We also find personal contact with our members important and we know what is going on, where we can. should take this into account and what they like. Our total approach is characterized by our good service, guidance and training by appointment. With this working method we can guarantee all our members quality and results because sports are performed at all times under the guidance of a Personal Trainer.

Expats in Rijswijk and surroundings

Many expats from Rijswijk and the surrounding area (who work at EPO – Shell etc.) have preceded you. A job abroad often demands a lot from you, busy long days and that also has to be combined with family and private life, all in a new environment. As a result, we often hear that sports is one of the things that lose out, while it is very important to continue to invest in your own health and physical condition. This is especially recommended if you work long, busy days with generally sedentary work. Just because you don’t have all the time in the world, you want to plan your sports moments as effectively as possible, and achieve the maximum result. What we know from many years of experience is; that (if one goes at all) when one starts exercising, this often does little to no use, and after a few weeks it only keeps thinking that one should do this a number of times a week. Estimates are that only 1 in 3 members at a regular gym or gym also uses his or her subscription. Relatively a costly and inefficient subscription.

Why also train abroad?

What distinguishes the RWIJK GYM Personal Gym? When we talk to our expat members, we hear that they are happy that they have taken the step to start working with a Personal Trainer.
Then why is that?

the desired results are achieved in just 1 or 2 sports moments per week
Exercise by appointment makes me go.
Every training I am challenged to take that extra step so that after the training I have the feeling that I can take on the whole world.
I achieve results and make better lifestyle choices outside of training, for example; in my diet and diet
I can now handle the long stressful working days / week much better without being completely exhausted in the evening.
I have fewer physical complaints and felt physically fitter and stronger within a few weeks

These are just a few of the reactions we get our members after they start training with us.

What our customers say

Are you curious what others say about us?

Feel free to read our references. Go to


What is the core of this blog; If you live as an expat in Rijswijk and the surrounding area and you want to work on your health – body and physical condition at a nice gym / fitness club with personal and good guidance, then visit HealthCoachPlus. Because we keep it small-scale, there is also a lot of personal contact between the members, which ensures a good and fun atmosphere. So if you are looking for a fun environment to exercise, and you want to achieve the maximum result, then you have come to the right place.

With us, no one becomes a member who does not really want this themselves. We always work with a no-obligation introduction to try-out training so that you can judge for yourself whether you would like to join the Personal Gym of RWIJK GYM.

Interested in a try-out?

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