29 Oct

The 218 clubs that took part in the poll, together accounted for more than five million sports and exercise moments. A total of 100 members were registered with a COVID-19 infection at these sports locations in three months. In none of those cases did this lead to contamination of other members of the fitness center, a so-called seat of fire.

The outcome of the poll fits the picture of other countries: worldwide, the fitness sector is not a spreader of the COVID-19 virus. So it is safe to exercise in fitness clubs. It confirms that the fitness industry is very careful and professional with the corona measures. That also makes sense. After all, we are the sector of vitality and health and we want to be sure that our members can work responsibly and lead a fitter and more vital life in a safe environment. That is in the DNA of our industry. That is why there are no outbreaks of COVID-19 contamination in our industry so far.

Attention to good air quality and the creation of a safe environment is a matter of course for us

We are also following with great interest the studies into air quality in schools, indoor sports environments and fitness clubs, among others. Attention to good air quality and the creation of a safe environment is a matter of course for us. Our sector pays constant attention to this. “If research is done into technology that can also support fitness entrepreneurs to keep the clubs even safer, then that is good for the fitness industry and good for the more than 3 million Dutch people who work in the clubs. working on a healthier lifestyle and a more vital life.

What do we do to allow our members to exercise in a safe environment?

HealthCoachPlus is busy behind the scenes upgrading our indoor location. Attention to good air quality and the creation of a safe sports environment is desirable. We already do this properly according to the guidelines, but we want to do everything we can to ensure that this will meet the highest requirements. After this (if we also maintain the 1.5 m) you can also train indoors again. This is already possible for our 1 – on 1 guidance, but afterwards also for our personal group training. We are also going to tackle our outdoor location considerably so that we can continue to offer our services to our loyal members in almost all cases. And this is not all, keep an eye on us in the coming months, a lot is going to happen Everything to ensure that our members can continue to exercise in a safe environment

Stay healthy and work on your immune system.

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