Vitalitytraining and mental coaching

What is Vitality Training at RWIJK GYM?

Vitality is much more than just being good physically. Emotions and your social environment also play a major role in this. Everyone knows that body and mind are one, but how it really is ..?

HealthCoachPlus gives you insight into this and the tools to help yourself. You learn to make adjustments in a responsible manner, so that this leads to an improvement in the quality of life. We pay a lot of attention to nutrition, exercise and emotion management interventions (mental guidance) for the best result. You will learn and experience that nutrition, exercise and emotion management affect your overall well-being. This benefits your nervous, hormonal and immune systems.

What can vitality counseling help with?

Sleep disturbances
– stress and burnout
– neck and back complaints
Anxiety and depression
– overweight and obesity
– pregnancy
COPD and asthma
– oncology
– healthy people

Mental coaching

Our Personal Trainers work via the MOC model in our coaching of clients. MOC stands for Motivational Solution Focused Coaching. This way of guidance / coaching is not based on the problem (what do you not want) but on the desired situation (what do you want to achieve) and we take your options into account. It is very important that you know a lot more than you might think at first.

During the coaching process the emphasis is therefore mainly on motivation and stimulation. We use concrete and validated tools to make things measurable and applicable. With this way of coaching you will get the best results out of yourself!
We have a design and that requires appropriate behavior.

Exercise is good for you, but how much should I move?

Exercise is good for your vitality, but how much do I have to move for this? Going to the gym, running, cycling or walking every day? Club life also has a few things to do, but what is enough and what is too much? Here, going back to our behavior that fits our design (hunter-gatherer) offers guidance. We as humans are clearly made to move. Our inactive lifestyle today leads to all kinds of problems. Think of obesity, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Below that, we are affected by changes in our metabolism that can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Our movement apparatus is also deteriorating and that is clearly reflected in our skeleton. The condition, strength, and skeleton of someone with a vital lifestyle is in a much better condition than that of someone with an inactive lifestyle. By improving our strength, stamina and endurance, we can ensure that we will feel vital again.
Vital movement is not self-evident for everyone these days. We will listen to your questions without judgment. Together we will find a suitable solution for you. And without forgetting any complaints, we work from the positive side, towards your ultimate goal, a healthy and vital lifestyle!

Healthy food for optimal daily performance

There is a growing awareness that our body is designed for a certain specific mixture of fuel (food) to perform optimally. This particular mixture is called Paleolithic food. Food and behavior fit in with our design as a human being. We used to have a hunter-gatherer culture and we experimented with agriculture on a small scale. This culture forced us to exercise a lot and to make certain food choices. We know from scientific research that people did not suffer from all kinds of lifestyle diseases at the time. Our calorie intake consisted largely of meat and hardly any grains, dairy or soy. We did eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.
The nutritional proportions in the neo paleo nutritional guideline are different from the current recommendations (such as from the nutrition center), the amount of protein but fat is also quite high compared to carbohydrates.
The ratios between carbohydrates, proteins and fats are according to the neo paleo guideline 30% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 40% fats. They received most of the proteins through meat and not dairy products. Meat provided more than 50% of the calorie intake.
Fat does not make fat. The essential omega 3 and omega 6 fats are especially important. Due to the dominance of grains and vegetable oils, we get more than enough of the omega 6 nowadays, but we get too little of the omega 3, because we eat little organ meat, and we have to compensate for this with fatty fish or supplements. According to the neo paleo guideline, we should get our carbohydrates mainly from fruits and vegetables and avoid carbohydrates with a high glycemic load such as sugars, milk and grain products.
Eating according to our design (neo paleo guideline) benefits our vitality.

How do I get happier?

Looking for your happiness!
How do you become happier? This question has occupied a lot of bright minds for the past 2,500 years. The discussion between nature versus nurture always comes up. What do we mean by this, is happiness innate or can it be learned? Scientific research has shown that this is both the case.

Happiness is it genetically determined, influenced by circumstances or what else ..?
Your luck is determined 50% by your genes and 10% by the circumstances (such as winning the lottery or being in a relationship). This leads to a hopeful conclusion. So 40% of your own happiness remains that you can do something about yourself. Your happiness has become a trainable trait for you and therefore a choice!

What do happy (er) people share with each other?

  • spend a lot of time with their family and friends
  • they can easily show gratitude
  • they are often the first to lend a helping hand
  • they are optimistic when they think about their future
  • they exercise at least once or twice a week (moderately) intensively and sometimes daily
  • they enjoy life and try to live in the now
  • they have a higher purpose towards which they are working
  • happier people also suffer from stress, crises and emotional setbacks

Do you want to feel happier? We are happy to help you with this. This is not self-evident for everyone. We will listen to you without judgment. Together we will find a suitable solution for you. And without forgetting any other wishes, we work from the positive side, towards your end goal, to feel happier!

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