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Group training at HealthCoachPlus

With our group training sessions, you can exercise in a group with a maximum of 10 people. The training sessions are outside and inside and always under the guidance of one of our personal trainers. You exercise together with others in a fun and efficient way and you work on achieving your set goals. You train under the guidance of a certified personal trainer at an affordable rate. Exercising in a group is extra motivating and more fun. Everyone performs the exercises at your own level and with our personal guidance you train safely and efficiently. Our group workouts are not boring fitness, but dynamic challenging classes that make you fit and vital for whatever life throws your way!
Read more below about the various group training courses that we offer our members every week.

Muscle Mania

Create your Perfect Body with the Muscle Mania workout!
The Muscle Mania training is a unique training formula with the aim of building muscle mass and lowering your fat mass. Training must be functional and serve the purpose of the participant. In part, this is performing better in daily life, such as work, sports, hobbies and other leisure time. For another group, losing weight and shaping (improving the shapes) of the body is the main goal. This training formula has been set up especially for them.
Do you want to put your muscles to work properly and therefore look fit (ter) and in shape? Then it’s time for our Muscle Mania workout!

WOM! (Workout of the Month)

Do you want to work on your muscles & fitness? Then the WOM! really recommended for you!
WOM stands for “workout of the month”: a monthly changing intensive fitness workout with the focus on improving your general condition. Various small training equipment is used, such as sandbags, Kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells and much more. All exercises are based on movements from everyday life. Everything is much more pleasant with a fit body: playing with your (grand) children, your work or sports.
The WOM workout does not make you 25 years younger, but it does make you a lot more energetic and fitter!

Engineering Training

More results by moving better and training more efficiently!
If you really want to get the maximum result from your training, it is not initially about how hard, fast or often you can do something, but how well you can perform the exercise! During the technique training the focus is on the quality of movement. This group training is also good for people who have come back from an injury or have one. The Technique training is also widely used in medical training and / or rehabilitation training. In this workout we teach the participants all the ins and outs about all movement patterns (exercises) that there are. Breathing, posture, technique and trunk stiffness (core) are the spearheads in this training formula.
The motto of this group training is not without reason: Movement is good, good movement is better!

S.H.I.T. (Short High Intensity Training)

Do you like challenging training and do you want to achieve a lot in less time? Then you should really join our S.H.I.T. workout!

S.H.I.T. stands for Short High Interval Training. This varied training is a functional training formula aimed at muscle endurance, maximum strength, power and speed. This training can also be perfectly practiced alongside another sport for injury prevention or performance improvement. After all, you are only as good as your weakest link and we track down and improve it with this training formula.
Everyone can participate in this group training, because you carry out the exercises at your own level. Because our S.H.I.T. workouts consist of fitness exercises, we can vary considerably. This makes every training look different and it never gets boring! Your body continues to be challenged, which is good for your muscle development and your endurance, but it also ensures that you will continue to enjoy sports.
Are you someone who wants to be challenged every workout and see quick results? Then our S.H.I.T. workout the fastest way to do this!

Bootcamp Training

Tired of those sweat sessions in the fluorescent light? Then boot camp training is really something for you!

With our boot camp training you improve everything: balance, flexibility, endurance, muscle strength, coordination, overall fitness and your stamina. This group training is therefore for (almost) everyone, and highly recommended for any objective! The following components are always offered in our boot camp training courses: running training, strength training for the upper body, core and lower body, coordination and agility exercises and sprint work. Because you train all these parts, you will burn a lot of calories with it, and you will notice that you will quickly become fitter and stronger (not only physically also mentally!).
* Are you planning to join

start doing obstacle runs, such as Mud Masters, Strong Viking, Spartacus Run, Gladiator Run, etc.? Then our bootcamp training is ideal for you!
Do you want to feel that you are making rapid progress, and do you enjoy exercising together in a group in the open air? Then our boot camp training is an extremely suitable group training for you!

Which group training suits you best?

Fill in the form below and we will call you within 1 working day to answer your questions. The trainer can also schedule an intake appointment with you and tell you everything about the free trial training that you can use without any obligation.
What are you waiting for? Take the first step today towards a more energetic, fitter and healthier life. Let’s go for it!

    Small Group Training

    If you want more personal guidance, small group training might be something for you!

    What is Small Group Training?

    Small group training is sports in a small group of 4 people. In an efficient and fun way you work together with your personal trainer on your fitness, strength to become stronger and fitter. In addition, the trainer will also give you lifestyle and nutritional advice. For this we use ultramodern Lijfstijl software so that in addition to the training you also know what you can and must do if you want to achieve the set goal at all times. In the small group training sessions all muscle groups are trained, which ensures that every training is a full body workout with which you will achieve absolute results.

    Small Group Training for men and women

    Our small group training is tailor-made and is therefore suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced athletes, for men and women and for all ages. Because the group is small, you are always guaranteed a lot of personal attention, tailored to your needs and desired objectives.

    What do you do in a Small Group Training?

    Small group training can be given both outside and inside at HealthCoachPlus. Now in this day and age extra nice because you are guaranteed to be able to continue training, and in accordance with all guidelines from the government and RIVM. For our outdoor gym we have many materials at our disposal and we also make use of what the environment has to offer. This means not just running and jumping, but a lot of variety; the training forms (strength / flexibility / explosiveness / agility etc.) is different every time. Small group training is also possible with us. The training sessions are then given in our personal gym. You will also train all muscles during these training sessions and we also provide a full body workout.

    Advantages of Small Group Training

    With small group training you experience the benefits of training with a personal trainer (more personal attention and guidance), the fun of training in a group, and the costs for 1 hour of training are very attractive! Moreover, training in a group at a fixed time is a good incentive. Have you become enthusiastic, and have you also made 3 others enthusiastic, or do you want more information? Contact us today by filling out the form below!

    Why do you choose HealthCoachPlus?

    ⦁ Customers rate us with an average of 9.3
    ⦁ ALWAYS 100% result guarantee! Appointment = Appointment
    ⦁ Best Personal Trainers & Lifestyle Coaches in the Haaglanden region
    ⦁ 1 in 4 Personal Training and Coaching
    ⦁ FREE Body Style app with personal nutritional advice

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    Fill in the form below and we will call you within 1 working day to answer your questions. The trainer can also schedule an intake appointment with you and tell you everything about the free trial training that you can use without any obligation.
    What are you waiting for? Take the first step today towards a more energetic, fitter and healthier life. Let’s go for it!

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