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Robert Havelaar

Leonie is 41 years young, works as a teacher in primary education and in her youth she played korfball and swimming but had to stop due to all kinds of injuries. Her hobbies (nowadays) are walking, she makes long walks 4 times a year (unfortunately this is not possible now through Corona) and also walks once or twice a week in the area of ​​Rijswijk and The Hague. She also likes to spend her spare time on; meeting up with friends, shopping, eating out and I still do, reading and watching TV. Read her story below about what she has achieved. A year and a half ago I was persuaded by a friend to do a trial training at HealthCoachPlus.

I have always been fairly sporty, but after an Achilles tendon injury and a burnout, the kilos have gained a lot and my condition was very low. Something had to change and I wanted to do that with the help of a personal trainer. My main goal was to get fitter, get more energy and therefore feel better about myself. After a good conversation and trial training, we took the plunge and started exercising. I found the first training sessions under the guidance of Personal Trainer Maarten difficult. Heavy because my condition was really bad and my posture during exercise was also not good. After the trial training Maarten asked what my goal (s) were, so that we had direction to work towards. My goal was that I wanted to walk 10 months later, and then be able to go for the longest distance (18.5 km).

In addition to exercising once a week at HealthCoachPlus, I also started walking more every week. The first walks were a lot of effort, but here too I noticed, just like with the training sessions: the more often I did it, the further I could go, and the better it went. Maarten provides the encouraging and motivating words during the training. He pays close attention to the execution and posture during the exercises. In addition to exercising and coaching during exercise, I also use their BODY STYLE app. This allowed me to keep track of what I ate, but also my exercise moments and other important things from my lifestyle. You can also plan your training in advance and fill in exactly what you have done.

Planning in advance ensures that you make an appointment with yourself and that ensures that you actually do it, even if you don’t feel like it. It feels so good when you see that you achieve results, but even better that people around you notice it. In the beginning I didn’t see it myself and only when people had “comments” because my clothes were really too spacious and I started to put photos next to each other, did I see it myself.

I did feel it, but I doubted whether it really was. I have achieved the result that I never dared to dream of. Not only have I now lost 22 kilos, but my condition is a lot better, I enjoy sports more and I am a lot more confident. The personal training sessions ensure that I feel more energetic, stronger and fitter. That is why I chose to continue with the personal training at Maarten, but this time with a different sports buddy 🙂

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