Responsible training with Medical Personal Training at RWIJK GYM in Rijswijk

Health issues? The RWIJK GYM trainers have the necessary knowledge to guide you properly.

Do you have medical complaints or a physical disability? Do you therefore think it is better not to train? Nothing is less true. Especially people with health problems benefit greatly from exercise. But that must be done in a responsible, good way, under the guidance of a personal trainer who has the right knowledge. We at RWIJK GYM are up to date with the most up-to-date scientific research on preventive and functional training of people who need medical guidance.

Our Medical Personal Training is intended for people with:

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • COPD and asthma
  • ​Pregnant

Preventive and functional training with the IMPACT system

Our training system:

RWIJK GYM works with the IMPACT system in its personal training. Before we get started, we first want to know what we can train responsibly and what you want to work on. The IMPACT system enables us to put together a good personal guidance plan for you. IMPACT stands for Individual Progressive Training. It is summarized in the following pyramid:


Everyone goes through the levels of moving, loading and only then testing. You may think that people with medical conditions are often in “exercise” and athletes in “testing”. But nothing is less true. Athletes often cannot move normally, but they can compensate very well. This compensation is at the expense of performance and is actually a ticking time bomb for injuries. Thanks to our screening based on the IMPACT system, we can guide you responsibly towards a quick and lasting result. The IMPACT system is the best-founded training system in the world with flexibility for all target groups!

Do you also want to be responsibly guided towards a quick and lasting result?

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