No one becomes a member with us who does not want this 100%. We don’t need fancy talk or a sales trick to convince you.

We are regularly asked at the first contact “and what does it cost” We can understand very well that you want to know the price. However, if we have only received your name, e-mail and telephone number, this is not possible for us to give you this directly. I’ll explain to you why this is below.
One of the major differences between RWIJK GYM and the regular fitness club / gym is that everyone who becomes a member with us receives a personal coaching plan tailored to his wishes and capabilities. In order to provide this, we first need more information about who you are, what you do (or don’t) do in your daily life, whether there are other things in your life that we need to take into account (injuries / illness / your obligations / stressors / lack of time etc.) and most importantly, what is the reason why you contacted us. We also look at your level of exercise. This is an important factor that we look at if we want to be able to give good and personal advice. As you can read it is not a standard program that you will get. At RWIJK GYM we go deeper into who you are as a person and what you want to achieve. For that reason, we cannot directly indicate which guidance plan and at what cost will best help you achieve your goals.
After the first intake interview by phone, we sincerely offer interested parties the opportunity to come and experience what distinguishes us from others and why so many others have already preceded you and have become members of RWIJK GYM. We think it is important that you come to experience for yourself whether you like it with us and whether our personal approach also suits you as a person. Only after this appointment can we give you personal exercise and lifestyle advice. If it suits you (yes, so also financially), we will make agreements when you can start. If not, you have been exercising for 1 hour and our roads separate from there.

Read below the starting prices of the most purchased accompaniments:

  1. On average, members train / exercise twice a week
  2. Members start with a 6 to 12 month program with us
  3. This is possible for personal training from € 65 p / w or personal group training from € 20 p / w.

If this suits your budget, you can request an intake interview with try-out training below. We will then contact you by telephone within 24 hours to make an appointment.