Sherwin Tewari

Trainers Details

  • Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Sherwin Tewari. If you asked me earlier what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wouldn’t have thought I would be working in the sports world. In my student days I followed the Media & Entertainment Management course and did an internship for six months at the television program RTL Boulevard. I thought that was great fun, but I still didn’t see myself working in the television and media industry. During my studies, my best friend introduced me to Fitness / strength training, nutrition and lifestyle, and from then on I have come to find that more and more interesting. After completing my HBO study, I decided to go in a new direction with my career. When I first started following a fitness training to give small (small group) group training sessions and that suited me so much that I then decided to continue studying for this and then followed the training as a Personal Trainer and rounded. I myself am also still working at a large gym chain and now since March as a Personal Trainer at the Personal Gym of RWIJK GYM.
My strength as a Personal Trainer lies in guiding people who would like to suffer a fitter, healthier body and life. I will help you find the right balance between training and nutrition and lifestyle (sleep – managing your agenda – preventing stress – sufficient daily exercise outside of sports, etc.) that matches your objective (s) and also suits you as a person!
Together we will ensure that you no longer reluctantly go to the gym / gym, but that you want to work with pleasure to achieve your desired goals thanks to my efficient total approach and then know how to keep this!